Health , Safety and Environment

Safety continues to be challenging in our operating environment. BAPETCO is committed to and prioritises HSE and Asset Integrity in order to create a safe working environment and protect our assets. We have implemented the life-saving rules and work closely with staff and contractors to further HSE compliance. Initiatives in this area focus on road and worksite safety, developing safety leadership. We also focus on process safety improvement and “No Leaks”. Major programmes are in place to improve asset integrity and exploit learning from incidents The daily oil and condensate production rate this year was 48,721 bbls/d, a 3% increase above the fiscal year plan. The increase is mainly due to the increase of Tiba & Sitra & Obaiyed production as a result of new development activities. In addition the rates of sales gas reached 470 MMscf/day which represents a 3% increase above the plan. Noteworthy was the increased production from NEAG1 by using a drag-reducing chemical to increase flow by +2000 bopd to 17,000 bopd.